Remedial Massage

Remedial massage aims to alleviate and aid repair of acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems brought about by muscular and fascial tension. It typically involves deep tissue/ trigger point/ sports massage (good for athletes), and postural corrective work ideal for office workers and pregnant mums.

Massage helps promote blood and lymph flow, aids in the removal of waste products and promotes healing. It helps improve the elasticity of muscles and soft tissues.

Massage can be used to treat pain or can be used as a maintenance tool for the body as it can help prevent soft tissue injuries and reduce the effects of postural strain.

Remedial massage is effective in the treatment of the following conditions:

Lower back pain

Neck pain

Tension Headaches

Postural strain due to computer use at work / home

Frozen Shoulder


Sports and Occupational Injuries

Poor Circulation

Fluid Retention

Pregnancy related pain and discomfort

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