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Family Pillow


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Family Pillow – Eggfoam topped contoured neck pillow. High quality pillow in medium profile designed for most adults. Proudly Australian Made & Owned. Supports the neck and head, and maintains the alignment of the spine during sleep.

Pillow features Two part construction:

  • Top layer of slow recovery soft luxurious ‘eggfoam’ designed to diffuse pressure on the neck.
  • Base of heavy-density premium quality traditional foam (as opposed to memory foam) which absorbs movement and holds its shape.
  • Cushions & comforts with even neck support
  • Classic contour supports your neck and spine in its natural curvature in back or side sleeping positions.

Benefits of Family Pillow:

  • Non-allergenic – specially treated to inhibit the presence of allergens.
  • Contour encourages good posture and in turn clear breathing and good quality sleep.
  • Pillow may help minimize or stop light snoring.
  • Higher and lower sides of the contour provides may comfort options.
  • Scalloped under-edges allow shoulder to slip snugly under pillow for close-knit fit.
  • Designed to help alleviate and avoid neck and shoulder stress.
  • May assists asthma sufferers and others who require clear breathing patterns.
  • Comes in open-weave quality pillow slip – ‘it ‘breathes’.
  • Fits regular pillow slips.


  • High Profile: for broad shoulders and side sleepers only.
  • Medium Profile: for those who like good support for sleeping on back and side.
  • Low Profile: for adults who prefer a low pillow, or kids from 9 years upwards.
  • Junior Profile: specially designed to support kids aged from 6-8 years, or adults who are restricted to back sleeping.

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High Profile, Medium Profile, Low Profile, Junior Profile

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