Carson Macartney (Myo)

Carson completed his Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy in 2012 and Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy) in 2020. He has worked in Clinics in Melbourne and London, applying all he learnt studying Myotherapy with his experience of functional movement, Movement Assessment Technology (MAT), strength & conditioning (Level 1 ASCA), rehab/prehab, running and sporting endeavours. His expertise is shown when finding long term solutions to his client’s needs, from acute injuries to chronic complaints. Playing football all of his life helps establish an understanding of the best ways to manage pain, injuries and dysfunction. He also understands the frustration of dealing with pain and the the elation of forgetting about it. You can expect a sound assessment, driven treatment and a clear, concise plan when seeing Carson.

Outside of his work, Carson was a 2019 Premiership player with the Mitcham Tigers Football Club. He also enjoys watching sport, getting outdoors and he has a passion for music and guitar.

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