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Stretching exercises for the neck, upper back and shoulders

Stretching exercises for the neck, upper back and shoulders

Try these stretching exercises to relieve pain and stiffness in the neck, upper back and shoulder region. Remember to breath while stretching, stretch when warmed up (ie. after exercise or a hot shower), hold each stretch for up to 30 seconds and stretch to tension but not into pain. If your condition does not improve or worsens seek the advice of a qualified musculoskeletal allied health professional.
Core stabilisation exercises

Core stabilisation exercises

Exercise physiologist Rhianna Smith goes over core stabilisation exercises to assist in the management and prevention of low-back pain, and for general well being. The exercises are performed on mat, foam roller and swiss ball. For maximum benefit perform the program 2-3 times per week.
Foam Roller Exercises

Foam Roller Exercises

Remedial massage therapist Nick is going over some basic exercises on the foam roller. Foam rollers are an excellent tool to help manage muscular tightness.
Low back and hip stretches

Low back and hip stretches

Please follow this low-back and hip stretching program to help manage low-back pain. Do not stretch into pain, ease off if you feel pain. Hold each stretch for approximately 30 seconds and stretch both sides. If your condition does not improve or is exacerbated seek advice from an allied health care professional.
Patellofemoral Taping

Patellofemoral Taping

Jennifer Smallridge, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, demonstrates patellofemoral taping using kinesiotape, to de-load the patella tendon and encourage correct alignment.
Body to Balance - Clinical Pilates

Body to Balance - Clinical Pilates

At Body to Balance we offer clinical pilates and in this video we are demonstrating reformer pilates. Pilates is excellent for all types of people and offers our patient's a great way of rehabilitating from their injuries to ensure optimal recovery. It particularly suits those with low-back, hip, neck & shoulder pain, the elderly, pre- and post-natal, post-surgical strengthening and people with poor posture. It is good for chronic pain patients who benefit from a more active "hands-off" approach to their therapy.
Core strengthening exercises

Core strengthening exercises

Try these core strengthening exercises for the management of sub-acute or chronic back pain. If any of the exercises aggravate your condition or you need progressions to your exercise program contact a qualified musculoskeletal allied health professional.
Cox Flexion Distraction Technic

Cox Flexion Distraction Technic

Tim Dunne (Chiropractor) demonstrates Cox Flexion Distraction Spinal Decompression which is a conservative non-surgical method of managing low back & leg pain.

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September 13, 2018

Carson is now available for Myotherapy appointments 4 days per week:
Monday 2-7.30pm
Wednesday 8am-3pm
Friday 2-7pm
Saturday 8-11am
If you need help managing your musculoskeletal condition schedule an appointment today by calling 82881937 or online:

September 2, 2018

I was fortunate enough to attend a conference this weekend on Lumbar Spinal Stenosis presented by Dr Carlo Ammendolia (Chiropractor & PhD Scientist at the University of Toronto). Lumbar Spinal Stenosis is a condition caused by age related changes in the spine that result in pressure on the spinal nerves. As a consequence of this patients with lumbar stenosis have symptoms of pain, burning, numbness, tingling & weakness in their legs, buttocks & low back. The best evidence based way of managing this condition is by improving the patient’s function using chiropractic or other manual therapy, an appropriately prescribed exercise program & CBT or positive reinforcement. With an ageing population Lumbar Spinal Stenosis will continue to become more prevalent in the future and hopefully we will be able to help these people to live better quality lives. Tim, Chiropractor.

August 24, 2018

We have Myotherapy appointments available tomorrow at 9am or 9.30am, an Exercise Physiology appointment at 2.30pm and Chiropractic appointments between 9am-12pm. Book online at:

July 21, 2018

Interesting how powerful the language used by a healthcare practitioner is on influencing their patients' mindset and recovery.

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